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CORHA Principles and Practices for Healthcare Outbreak Response

The CORHA Principles and Practices for Healthcare Outbreak Response is a comprehensive reference developed with the aim of equipping public health, healthcare, and other stakeholders with information on a series of HAI/AR outbreak response topics.

The Principles and Practices will serve as a resource for users who are working to build, standardize or improve capacities and practices related to HAI/AR outbreak detection, reporting, investigation, and control. In its final form, the Principles and Practices will consist of 8 chapters and 2 supplemental documents.

Ch 1: Overview
Ch 2: Fundamental Concepts
Ch 3: Planning and Preparation
Ch 4: Outbreak Detection and Reporting
Ch 5: Investigation and Control
Ch 6: Laboratory Best Practices
Ch 7: Special Consideration for Multi-Facility and Multi-Jurisdictional Outbreaks
Ch 8: Notification and Communication
Supplement A: Medical Product Investigations
Supplement B: Infection Control Breach Investigations

Source: CORHA
Author: CORHA
Date Posted: January 2021
Updated: October 2022

Disclaimer: The positions and views expressed in these materials do not necessarily represent the official positions of CORHA’s member organizations.