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Patient Notification

Investigations involving infection control errors, HAI clusters or outbreaks often require communication to at-risk individuals or groups.

Featured Resources:

  • CDC's Patient Notification Toolkit provides guidance to health departments and healthcare facilities for conducting a patient notification following identification of an infection control lapse or disease transmission
  • CORHA’s Presentation at the 2019 SHEA Conference, which highlighted patient notification issues and trends pertaining to HAI/AR outbreak investigations, and shared information on CORHA’s efforts to develop standards to improve notifications and related communications
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How CORHA is Developing Standards on Notification and Disclosure of Clusters and Outbreaks – SHEA 2019 Presentation Slides


This presentation given at the 2019 Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America Spring Meeting, highlights the history of HAI outbreak reporting, notification and disclosure, ethical principles related to this...… Read More »

CORHA Framework for Healthcare-Associated Infection Outbreak Notification


This document provides guidance for notification in the context of a suspected healthcare-associated infection (HAI) outbreak. It is based on public health best practices and grounded in bioethical principles...… Read More »

CORHA Principles and Practices for Outbreak Response


The CORHA Principles and Practices for Outbreak Response: HAI/AR Pathogens (formerly known as High-Level Guidance) is intended as a comprehensive reference containing information specific to HAI/AR outbreak detection, reporting,...… Read More »
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