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Project Firstline: Inside Infection Control Videos (CDC)

These CDC Project Frontline videos cover the basic ideas behind infection control, how they work to prevent COVID-19, and how using infection control actions while you’re at work can protect you, your patients, your coworkers and your community.
February 24, 2021 Read More

Upcoming Webinar on Feb. 10: Enhancing Hospital Infection Control During and Post-Pandemic (HIMSS)

At this complimentary HIMSS webinar, Linda R. Greene, RN, MPS, CIC, Shereef Elnahal, and Patty Enrado discuss what to consider when revamping your infection prevention/control program, the role of communication and coordination among multiple stakeholders, the role of health IT and medical equipment providers, how to future-proof your updated program, and more. Registration required.
January 28, 2021 Read More