CORHA Workgroups

CORHA Policy Workgroup

The CORHA Policy Workgroup seeks to address the legal and policy considerations related to outbreaks of healthcare-associated infection (HAI), including those caused by antimicrobial-resistant (AR) pathogens, and make recommendations to policy makers at all levels to improve the detection, reporting, investigation, control and prevention of HAI/AR outbreaks. View the PDF below to learn more about the CORHA Policy Workgroup and their focus areas.

CORHA Detection and Response Workgroup

The CORHA Detection and Response Workgroup seeks to identify optimal, standardized approaches to detection, reporting, investigation, and control of infectious disease outbreaks and exposure events within healthcare facilities.

CORHA Laboratory Workgroup

The CORHA Laboratory Workgroup seeks to describe and promote public health, clinical, and commercial laboratory best practices to support healthcare-associated infection/antibiotic resistance (HAI/AR) outbreak detection and response. The workgroup will assist laboratorians as well as public health and clinical partners by developing guidance, identifying best practices, and improving laboratory partner collaborations with healthcare facilities and state/local public health departments.